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Members who enroll in the Paid Up For Life program become, as the name implies, American Legion members for life. Through PUFL, Legionnaires pay a one-time fee to gain lifetime membership in the Legion. To enroll, Legionnaires must be in good standing and must have held a valid membership card for the current year. Our post adjutant must certify members’ good standing before forwarding PUFL applications. PUFL is not a discounted membership and was only established for convenience. Enrollment costs are based on two factors: applicants’ age and our current annual dues at the time of application. PUFL membership fees are non-refundable.

Applications with payment for PUFL membership must be completed and submitted to the post adjutant or membership officer. From there, the application is sent to national headquarters for final processing. Additionally, an option has been added to give the member the opportunity for automatic monthly credit card billing.

Based on our post dues of $30 a year, use the charge below to determine both your final payment, and also the applicable monthly payment if you choose to spread out the fee over 36 months. One advantage of the PUFL membership is that you pay based on today’s post dues and are not affected if dues increase in the future.


Age Group 24 & Under 25-29 30-34 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54
Monthly $35.67 $34.28 $32.78 $31.17 $29.39 $27.47 $25.39
Total $1,284 $1,234 $1,180 $1,122 $1,058 $989 $914


Age Group 55-59 60-64 65-69 70-74 75-79 80-84 85 & Over
Monthly $23.11 $20.78 $18.42 $16.14 $13.89 $11.86 $10.44
Total $832 $748 $663 $581 $500 $427 $376


Download the PUFL Membership Application

Please note: The total fee must be entered on the front of the application, regardless of whether the member is paying in full or choosing the Time Payment Plan.

Complete the form and either hand deliver it to our membership officer or mail it to:

American Legion Post 128
RE: Membership
P.O. Box 424
Ruckersville, VA 22968

Frequently Asked Questions about PUFL:

What is a Paid-Up-For-Life Membership?
It’s a membership you purchase with a lump sum or after 36 equal monthly payments that makes you a Paid-Up-For-Life Member of The American Legion. Joining the over 220,000 who’ve already become Paid-Up-For-Life Members assures you of all the benefits of American Legion membership for life, with no additional future payment.

What if my post’s dues increase?
You’re already covered. One of the best parts of a Paid-Up-For-Life Membership is that it automatically includes any dues increase. So, no matter what inflation does, you never have to pay another penny in dues.

Does Paid-Up-For-Life mean my insurance is paid up too?
No. However, if you have American Legion Life Insurance, you won’t ever have to be concerned about your insurance being cancelled because you forget to pay your dues one year. You’re paid up for life. You still must pay your insurance premium when it is due.

What about my subscription to The American Legion Magazine?
It’s paid-up too, and you’ll continue to receive monthly issues for life.

How do people know I’m paid up for life?
Once the cost of your membership has been paid in full, you will receive a permanent plastic card identifying you as a Paid-Up-For-Life Member. You will also receive an annual membership card each year, at no additional cost.

Who is eligible?
Any member in good standing (with dues paid for the current calendar year.)

How much will it cost me?
Your cost is based on two factors-your age and the amount of your post’s dues, at the time you purchase your Paid-Up-For-Life Membership. (You can use the
rate schedule on the inside of this brochure to determine your exact cost.)

Do I have to pay the full amount all at once?
No. Now with our new time payment plan, the cost of a Paid-Up-For-Life Membership can be broken up in 36 easy, monthly payments.

What kind of payment is accepted?
You can pay by personal or cashiers check, money order, Master Card, VISA, Discover, or American Express.

Where does my money go?
National headquarters maintains a special Paid-UpFor-Life Membership trust. Money from this trust can be used only to pay annual dues each year to your post,
department, and national headquarters.

What if I want to transfer to another post?
Usually, there’s no problem. Paid-Up-For-Life Members may transfer from a post in one participating department to a participating post in another department. Only one
department (Kansas) does not have this plan available, however some posts in this department accept transfers.

Are there ever any refunds?
Refunds will be made ONLY if a member’s post charter is canceled and the member cannot complete a PaidUp-For-Life transfer.

Is a Paid-Up-For-Life Member the same as a Life Member?
No. A Paid-Up-For-Life Membership is purchased, while a Life Membership is honorary and provided by the member’s post. A post may, however, find
purchasing Paid-Up-For-Life Memberships, on behalf of honorees, the most economical way to provide Life Memberships. This in no way affects the members
Honorary Life Membership status.

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